David Morrison, Senior Pastor (Retired), Pollock Pines Community Church
“I dearly love and appreciate my friend and singer, Bob Rawleigh.  If you are looking for someone as a special feature for worship services, banquets, retreats, or adult fellowships, please consider his ministry.   Bob sings, leads worship, and can share his dynamic testimony at length.  God is using Bob's enthusiasm, passion for the Lord, and singing skill to touch many people deeply.  Further, let me share a few things with you:
  • He, along with his wife, Kathy, have been a positve part of my growth in the Lord and my leadership here in this church.  They are serious but fun-loving as well.
  • Bob is a passionate and talented singer that loves to exalt God and His greatness.
  • Bob has a wonderful testimony of God's grace in his life.
  • He connects with deep emotion in conversation, in singing, and in his total presentation.
  • His passion and love for Christ are consistent. He can be trusted to be sensitive to various service situations and needs.

Bob is a faithful servant of our Lord.  Please consider how God might use him in some area of your ministry.“ 
Dr. Daniel Henderson - President, Strategic Renewal

Dear Editor!

“It is my privilege and passion to recommend the ministry of Bob Rawleigh. Bob’s life is a remarkable trophy of God’s grace, and his music is a powerful channel of that same supernatural touch. Bob is a friend and trusted brother. His life has been refined in the hand of The Potter, and his ministry has emerged pure, sincere, and focused on the glory and goodness of Jesus. Every time Bob sings my ears are filled with glorious music, and my heart is filled with a deep spiritual responsiveness to the truth of Christ. I am honored and thrilled to partner with Bob in the ministry of our Lord. As his former pastor, I commend his ministry to you with absolute confidence. As his friend, I urge you to enjoy the freshness and clarity of his life in Jesus Christ.”

Bill Corbin - Pastor, Christ Community Church, Carmichael, CA

“We recently had the pleasure of highlighting Bob Rawleigh at a recent performance at our church. Bob's blend of a wonderful voice, stage presence, knowledge and application of scripture, sincere care for others, and presentation, made for a wonderful evening of entertainment. Bob did a wonderful job of presenting some of his life's story allowing for others to experience the hope and joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Many that attended stated an appreciation of him and were encouraged in their faith along with being introduced to the love of Jesus Christ through his sharing. Bob has a great voice and a warm heart. He did a great job singing patriotic songs, some crooning from the Big Band Era, and singing both Traditional and Contemporary Christian songs. Bob and Kathy are professional and both very talented and caring individuals. You will be well served by having him perform for any function of any size. Bob is professional in his preparation, delivery and presentation. I highly recommend Bob Rawleigh for any activity you are planning. ”

Dick Spangenberg, Christ Community Church, Carmichael, CA

“I’m sending this note to make you aware of an excellent ministry resource, particularly for senior adult events or traditional worship. I’m speaking of Bob Rawleigh. My church, Christ Community in Carmichael, invited Bob and his wife Kathy to provide the program for an adult dinner event this summer using a patriotic theme. People loved his music and his testimony. We recently had him back to lead our traditional worship on a Sunday when our worship pastor was away. Very effective in leading congregational worship! Kathy led our choir and Bob led the congregational worship. Bob often sings for community events throughout northern California. He has a large repertoire featuring songs of Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, and many others of that genre’. You’ll be amazed at how like them he sounds! However, his heart and calling are with the Body of Christ. You’ll certainly want to keep him in mind when looking for an excellent program guest or a supply worship leader. Thanks for letting me pass on this good word about a gifted musician and servant.”
Nancy O'Brien, Representative for Stonecroft Ministries

“The first time I heard Bob and Kathy Rawleigh was at an event our church held.  I was so impressed that I contacted them to see if they would be willing to come to an Outreach Event that Stonecroft Ministries hold each month. The mission of Stonecroft is to equip and encourage women to impact their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They agreed to come and our guests enjoyed them so much that one lady suggested we have them every month.  Bob and Kathy are gifted, talented and delightful entertainers.  As the event organizer I found them to be humble, teachable and willing to be God's instruments to impact others with the Gospel.  I highly recommend them. ”